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Allicia Bergstrom, Staff Writer

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We can all agree that the Give One For All (GOFA) Fundraiser month is one of the best times of the school year at Mayo High School. Everyone gets to participate in fun games, eat some great food, and best of all gather as a school and have exciting pep fests! Not only are pepfests another great way to raise money for GOFA, they are also a great way to inform the whole school about upcoming events and activities, dress up days, and hype everyone up to raise some money!

This year we will be having a total of three pepfests, because GOFA is a month-long event. The first one was obviously a kickoff for GOFA; the whole school came together, getting excited for what we have in store to raise money for the charities. The second pepfest will be more of a check-in on the fundraising process, letting everyone know what upcoming events will happen, and hyping everyone up to keep donating money. The third pepfest is the best of the three for GOFA! There are some last minute activities to raise more money before the big reveal of how much the school has raised during the last couple of weeks.


Tuesday, December 4th– The kick off of GOFA!!

We started the pepfest with a cheer off with upperclassmen going against underclassmen and then were entertained by a cake eating contest. Next, we had an intense game of Mayo Minute for the grades to win points for Penny Wars, but also to help in the fundraising process of GOFA. Seniors took the lead with a whopping $434.02. Student government also informed everyone about which events and games are happening for the upcoming weeks and what the dress up days are.


Tuesday, December 11th– GOFA check in!

Remember to bring your money for the next Mayo Minute to help your class win Penny Wars. Also be ready for more games and excitement.

Friday, December 21st– Final GOFA pepfest!!

At this event, the winner of Penny Wars is announced. There will be another Mayo Minute, so remember that this will be the last time that you can help your class win the war. According to Dr. Mayo candidate Michele Reynolds, “it’s a key way that Penny Wars money is raised. Since there’s so many people there, it gets everyone to really think of it as a competition. It’s a fun way to raise money for the charity.”

While that money is being counted, any Dr. Mayo candidate who has raised at least $150 by the second Friday of GOFA will be able to participate in “The Catwalk,” an unforgettable experience filled with original, hilarious displays of generosity, student engagement, lights, candy, music, and insanity.

At some point before or after “The Catwalk,” there will be another comical event. Since the dress-up day is “ugly sweater day,” there is also a class competition for the most disgustingly creative holiday sweater; everyone in the pepfest will be the judges for these Spartans and their ugly sweaters. You don’t have to sign up – you just have to stand out so much that you catch everyone’s eye with your odd but festive sweater (and accessories).

Finally, the big reveal of the GOFA grand total for the amount of money we raised across the entire month will be announced. Our goal is $40,000, and you can follow the our progress with the thermometer on www.mayoadvocateonline.com until the last few days of GOFA, when the final numbers are kept secret until this last, big announcement.


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