It’s beginning to look a lot like GOFA

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It’s beginning to look a lot like GOFA

Katie Brown and Kaleigh Maijala, Staff Writers

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GOFA, or Give One For All, is an annual fundraiser held in the month of December for the Dorothy Day House and the Women’s Shelter of Rochester by Mayo High School students. This year, there are 15 days of GOFA, which means 15 days of giving, along with 15 themed dress-up days. ‘Tis the season to show off your school spirit and participate in the beloved GOFA dress-up days leading us to the much anticipated, Winter Break. The dress-up days are as follows:


  • Monday, December 3: Jersey Day – Wear a jersey to school to support your favorite sports team.
  • Tuesday, December 4: Spirit Day – Show off your school spirit by wearing green and gold!
  • Wednesday, December 5: Tacky Tourist – Pull out the fanny packs and cameras for a day of cheesy sightseeing.
  • Thursday, December 6: Crazy Heads to Toes Day – Bust out your crazy socks, mismatched clothing, and wacky hair on Crazy Heads to Toes Day.
  • Friday, December 7: Skype Day – Dress up like you are having an interview over Skype. Wear something formal on top, but wear more casual, comfy clothes on the bottom.
  • Monday, December 10: Why Do I Have This In My Closet Day – Wear the strangest thing hanging in your closet.
  • Tuesday, December 11: Class Color – Wear your assigned class color as follows:
    • 9Blue
    • 10 Yellow
    • 11Green
    • 12 Red + Pink
  • Wednesday, December 12: Twin Day – Grab a friend and dress alike for the day.
  • Thursday, December 13: Retro Day – Go back in time and bring back your favorite decade by dressing up in popular clothing from that era.
  • Friday, December 14: Holiday Day – Dress for your favorite holiday — no matter what time of the year it is!
  • Monday, December 17: Minnesnowta Day – Bundle up in your layers of winter gear for Minnesnowta Day.
  • Tuesday, December 18: Too Big Tuesday – Raid your parents’ or older siblings’ closet for some oversized clothing.
  • Wednesday, December 19: Groutfit Day – Groutfit (noun): an outfit made completely of gray; a gray top and gray bottoms.
  • Thursday, December 20: Denim Day – To achieve the ultimate denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim look, wear a denim jacket over your denim vest over your denim dress or skirt, over your denim overalls or denim jeans.
  • Friday, December 21: Ugly Sweater Day – Be the one to wear the ugliest of sweaters!


We hope to see everyone decked-out in their most creative and unique outfits!

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