Are the freshmen ready for GOFA?

Kalista Miller, Staff Writer

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As the GOFA fundraiser starts and people show spirit to the cause we wonder “What are the freshman thinking?” As GOFA festivities begin I set a mission to answer the question and talk to the freshman and get their thoughts on what is one of the biggest events of the year, GOFA!

Spencer Nevinger and Ojis Bhagra are freshman this year, both of them excited for the weeks to come with GOFA. Spencer and Ojis have different perspectives on this GOFA season as Ojis is on student government, and Spencer is not, but they both know what is going on. Both of them showed excitement towards all of the events coming up – Paranoia and Powderbuff being at the top of the list. They also both are enjoying classroom games to raise money for GOFA. Neither of them at the beginning of this month knew what was coming but were excited either way.

Spencer Nevinger is not on student government, but he is ready for the festivities to arrive. Spencer said that he is most excited for Paranoia. He also said that he thinks even though he is ready this year, he will be more ready next year because he will have some experience with the events. He says that as years pass he will get more involved with the activities. Spencer has also been enjoying the dress up days. One of his favorites was jersey day because he was ready and loves sports.

Ojis Bhagra is on student government but hasn’t quite gotten GOFA down yet. He is, however, very ready for his future with student government. Ojis said he was excited for Powderbuff, the male volleyball competition, and he is ready for the next couple years as he will be able to get more involved with student government than he already is because he will have years and experiences to compare. Ojis has been enjoying the dress up days as well. His favorite was Meme day because it was funny and everyone was involved. Ojis also enjoys the Pepfests, as well as the quick games involved in them, such as Mayo Minute.

As GOFA progresses, the freshmen are getting more involved and are seeing new activities that they haven’t seen in school previously. Hopefully, all the freshmen are ready for the rest of this year and all the activities to come.

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