GOFA Kickoff Dance gets the party started

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GOFA Kickoff Dance gets the party started

Beni Benyei, Beni Benyei

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Something new to the GOFA fundraising this year was the GOFA Kickoff Dance! This fun-filled experience took place on the first evening of GOFA, December 1st, at door six. Admission to the dance was a five dollar donation, and all went towards our GOFA charities.

The first impression entering door six was overwhelming. It was bustling with over 200 people; the music was blaring, and the strobe lights decorated the dance floor, making for a lively environment. There was a lot of dancing, singing, chatting, and laughing. Overall plenty of great vibes and many awesome memories were made.

As the night went on, from time to time circles formed on the dance floor, and different people took turns showing off their dance moves, letting it all out. The atmosphere was thrilling, and everyone seemed to have tons of fun!

The energy remained high until the last moment. As the dance drew to a close, everyone wondered which song would be the last; then, in perfect unison, the crowd cheered “SHAWN MENDES!” Seconds later, Shawn Mendes’s song “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back!” filled the room, and everyone screamed!

The crowd began to shift and commotion was building; sure enough senior Matt Peterson had taken on the role of Shawn and stole the show. Peterson rocked each note wildly, dancing into the crowd and delivering the best performance of the night, bringing the GOFA dance to a perfect close.

The donation amount raised by the dance is over $1100! Way to go Spartans! Look for more fun ways to get involved and fundraiser; there are many still to come!

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