Give One For All!

James Arnold, Editor

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GOFA is exciting throughout the whole month of December, but the Pep Fests are perhaps the most exciting of all. The whole school gets together to celebrate doing good as Mayo Spartans!

The Kickoff Pep Fest is Tuesday, December 5th during Advisory time, and students will be dismissed to their Academic Seminar afterward. During this Pep Fest money will be collected in the first Mayo Minute of the season!

The second Pep Fest happens at the midpoint of GOFA, Tuesday, December 12th, and there will be as always Dr. Mayo activities and opportunities to donate! This Pep Fest also happens during Advisory, and students will again be dismissed to Academic Seminar.

Finally, the last Pep Fest, with all kinds of fun, goofy, and exciting activities such as Egg Roulette will occur on Friday, December 22nd, from 12:30 to 1:30! This year’s Dr. Mayo will be announced at this Pep Fest!

Have a great GOFA!

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